Monday, 5 April 2010


Welcome to Scattered Scarlet - the blog for all things

Scattered Scarlet will feature projects made by the new 3DJean Design Team which features:

The five of us already know one another but if you're not familiar with us and are curious to know what kind of crafters we are, let me assure you that we're dedicated ... and here's the proof. I took this photo of the rest of the Scattered Scarlet Design Team, on our most recent crafty getaway: Before this was taken, as the light began to fade outside and we began to lose vital crafting minutes, we'd searched every inch of the holiday cottage and surrounded ourselves with every available table and lamp in order to be able to craft on into the night! And it's dedication like that that which obviously won Jean over and led to her inviting us onto her team!

We, on the other hand, were happy to accept her offer, just as long as she keeps us supplied with brilliant supplies ... and cake, which
she's more than capable of doing:

It's a good deal really!

Our deal to you is that we'll share with you lots of inspiring projects showing how we've used the out of the ordinary supplies Jean manages to fill her unique online shop with.

Do drop by again soon as we begin to add our creative projects but, until then, now that we've introduced ourselves why not:

  • leave us a comment below or;

  • become a Scattered Scarlet blog follower so we can get to know you;

  • drop by our individual blogs for an idea of what the Scattered Scarlet DT can offer you;

  • have a browse around to see the latest additions to the shop [where else does the brand new Sassafrass Lass get to mingle with Alice in Wonderland stamps and vintage pharmacy labels?!], or:

  • think about any 3DJean supplies you already own which you'd like to see us feature in an upcoming blog project and either me, or one of the other fabulous Scattered Scarlet women will get on to it for you!

Until next time, happy crafting!



  1. Fabulous- can't wait to see what you girlies create!!

  2. excellent news, I love the 3djean shop/stock and look forward to seeing what you all create

  3. Super idea and it's about time we saw your fab creations ! Looking forward to the treats !

  4. Luv the website, looks like the blog is going to be just as good!!!!! Cant wait to see what you all make and hope theres going to be lots of ideas.Good luck :)

  5. Can't wait to see the delicious yumminess that appears [and I'm not just refering to the cake] :) x

  6. here of cakes plz!

  7. YES!!! Am so looking forward to your wonderful makes! Wishing you lots of fun in the future XXX


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