Wednesday, 28 June 2017

IAMS ProActive Health trial

This month I've been ask to try IAMS ProActive Health , well not actually me but Boots and Tink . They only really eat tinned wet food and will only have a nibble if I give them dry.
But this stuff they went mad for , Tink even chewed through one of the packs to get some more. You might be able to see where she had a go at the other pack in the picture 
They really ate it very fast and the bowls were empty. However after a few days they seemed to get bored of it and I ended up back on the tins.
But a couple of days later I tried them again on the IAMS ProActive Health and again they loved it.
We all know cats are fussy. So if that's the way they fancy eating it who am I to stop them.  It also means that they get some really health food in their diet with the IAMS ProActive Health.
I have a few coupons left so if anyone fancies one let me know and I will post you one 

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Where did the time go

Not blogged for over a month , where did the time go.
Lots of card making going on but not a lot of scraping , which means I've fallen behind.
Need to catch up.
This one is just a quick peak at the card I have made for all my girlfriends who have turned 50 this year , there's been a few lol

 Jane made a card very similar to this when we were away in the cottage , so I can't take credit for the design 
 10 cupcake boxes made for Lauren's 7th birthday party and I did a card to match. But seems I didn't take a picture !!!
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