Thursday, 29 April 2010

They say it's your birthday ...

... well if it is your birthday today then I hope you have a very happy day, if it's not then you can still have fun by making this bold and bright birthday card.

Jean has some gorgeous sticker strips in the shape of flags and banners and coordinating 6x6 paper from the Sassafras range (sticker strips out of stock but I think she's getting more in) which I fell in love with and used to make my card

Step 1: Doodle an edge around your folded cardblank with plack pen - doesn't have to be straight doodles never are!

Step2: Cut one of the flag stickers to length and adhere to card, add a few of the smaller strips across the top

Step 3: Glue one dew drop on the bottom of each flag. I love these dewdrops and use them stacks as flower centres, on the corners of my cards and as little design extras to fill up the spaces on my cards. Even better - they last forever!!

Step 4: Tear lengths of coordinating paper into strips. Curl up the edges and glue together.

Now you could have a dig around your scrap box to find small scraps to make your paper strips with but everyone who knows me knows that I don't 'do' scraps very well at all so I was perfectly happy to break into new pieces of paper to make my torn strips. Ha Ha! I came out in a cold sweat just thinking of even keeping scraps :)

Step 5: Create a sentiment or greeting on your computer or use a rubber stamp - I would have used a rubber stamp but I couldn't find my black under under the mound of 'stuff' on my desk so made do with my computer and printer. Trim it, round the corners and doodle an edge around it

Step 6: Glue onto the back of your paper strips and then glue everything onto your card

Step 7: Glue a length of black rikrak across the paper strips and add a button tied with string or thread to finish your card

There you have it, a fun birthday card to make someone smile

And, just because I had all my tools and the rest of the paper out on my desk I made another card using the same paper as I love it so much

Have fun, Andrea x


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