Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Jan, Tri- shutter cards

Hi folks I thought I'd share a couple of Tri-shutter cards I've made using some lovely stamps from the shop. The first card was made using the fab Basic Grey basics manilla paper ( I really like using this range for mens cards) and my new favourite ...Harlequins stamp from Purple Onion I've used my skull and crossbones border stamp to create the panels on this card. This stamp is so versitile. I've even cut out individual skulls to decorate the edges of the middle panel. To add a bit of bling I've used icicle stickles on the eye sockets! I've also trimmed the edge of the panels with my other favourite Happy Birthday border stamp.

If you haven't made this crads before have a go they're really easy.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

It's In The Bag!

Just how cute.. (in a good way) is this stamp from Sweet Pea ?.. It's the perfect size for ATCs. Simply stamped and coloured with Pro Markers.

Or you could take it a step further........ scan your finished ATC and print out onto fabric transfer paper and make this cute bag.... just big enough to hold your lippy and moblie phone!

If you're techie then enlarge the image before you print and put it on your shopper or your T-shirt!

DO NOT FORGET... to click the mirror image button on your computor before you print if your image has words..........Guess what I forgot to do! DOH!

Hope you like it!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Julie: Cards using 'Sweet Pea' stamps

Hi all, How's things?

Today I've got some cards to share with you that I recently made after attending my local crop, but first ... the risk of making you all green with envy I feel I should mention that while I'm at the crop not only do I get to browse and fondle items from the 3DJean shop - in person- I also sit close enough to Effie that I get first dibs on anything she's throwing away!

Both of which facts lead to how these cards got made in the first place! Let me explain : I got to play with some of the newest additions to the stamp section just as they went on sale in the shop. These are my cards featuring the new 'Silk Dance' stamp from Sweet Pea designs: I coloured in the stamped image using ProMarkers, not always using especially 'natural' colour ways, which seems to work well with the fantasy feel of the designs. Here I built up three stamped images using a mask:The backing papers used on all of these cards are actually off cuts from Effie. They're papers which she'd handcreated, turned into a journal for herself and then donated the leftovers to me at the crop!

[Please don't hate me just because I'm lucky - maybe just pester Jean to start stocking them for you instead!].I used an EK Success binder edge border punch to help with the feeling I wanted to create on these cards - which was something like 'daydreaming and doodling in your school folders'!

Which is also why I stamped my images directly onto notebook paper:
I also added to that feel with the birdy paper clips I found in my office drawers!
My final touches were ribbons and sentiment stickers which I placed inside a Purple Onion 'Labelers' stamp available in a set of four in the shop:So, that's the 'Silk Dance' Sweet Pea stamp for you .... if you'd like to see some examples using the 'Misty Reflection' design hop over to this post on my blog right now!

See you over there. Race you ....

Julie :)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

A Savoury Dish

As you know I just love cooking/baking as much as crafting and playing with paper. But my favourite foods have got to be savoury things .So here is my recipe for Leek n Stilton quiche.Its very easy and quick

To start you need to bake blind a pastry case or buy one , about 8inch dish. I buy frozen pastry these days as its so much easier for me as the 2 things I cant make are yorkshire puddings (tried every recipe under the sun)and pastry.

Then chop and fry 2 medium leeks , place these in the bottom of the pastry case

Now crumble over the leeks 6oz Blue Stilton cheese

Mix together in a jug 2eggs and a small carton of single cream , pour over the top of the leeks n cheese

pop in the oven at gas 5 for about 25-30mins , eat and enjoy

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

It's Never Too Early!

...........................For Christmas!....
I'd searched and searched for vintage glass glitter and the nice lady at 3djean said if she could find some then she would get some........and she did! it's fabulous stuff!
So what did I make... a vintage snowman and here's how.

Take two different sized balls, these can be made of anything, these are compacted cotton paper. Cover in PVA glue and roll them in that fabulous silver chunky glitter. Gather a few twigs ( for his arms), paint them white.
Sarpen the end of a twig and colour the tip orange, cut off the end.. (for his nose) Take two black headed pins and snip to about .5cm For his hat.. cover the cap of a glue stick with black card, cut a larger circle for the brim and glue together
Using a cocktail stick about 3cm long push half in his head and the other half in his body, stick in his eyes and nose. Sharpen the ends of his arms and glue in the body. Add some small buttons. Give him a scarf made from any kind of fibres or ribbon. Using a small length of dowel mount him on a square block of wood...........or use a cotton reel to sit him on ( this was my first intention!)

And there you have it!

Or how about a Halloween cat!. he is made using the fine black glitter and he has a tail made from string dipped in glue and then glitter!

Hope you like it!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sweet Pea

The NEW Sweet Pea stamps arrived in stock this week , so I just had to have a play. With some gothic colours and a bit of sparkle they look great.

Some are quite cute but also with a bit of GOTHIC thrown in , so that's why I just had to start stocking them.

I used the Red Hearts and the Exotic Halloween from the range.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Pretty Butterflies ...

Jean sent me this gorgeous set of butterfly stamps and I couldn't wait to use them on a card.

I used the biggest of the butterflies which measures about 7.5 cmc wide. I stamped in black Memento ink and coloured with Copic Markers

I just used the darker colours in the centre fading out to the lighest on the edges of his wings

I coloured two of the same butterflies, cut the wings from the second and glued them on top of the first, curling the edges of the wings up

I used a second stamp from Jean, the For You greeting block by Purple Onion Designs. I didn't have the right colour inkpad so I used a Stampin Up marker to colour all over the stamp before printing.

I cut it into a tag shape by drawing around the lid off a jar of flowers :)

I kept the design of the card really simple by leaving off any patterned paper and getting all the colour from the coordinating ribbon, cardstock, ink and the coloured butterfly

I used:
Purple Onion Greeting block stamp

Friday, 9 July 2010

Julie: Alter-A-Bag kit

Hi there you.

Have you seen the latest project kits available in the shop? There's:

... and they come complete with everything you need to create your own bird-cage themed customised project.

In previous posts Effie, Jean and Jan have all shown you theirs ... now it's my turn to show you mine:

Alter-A-Bag kit

This particular project kit is one of Effie's mini-masterpieces which she created and shared with all of us who attend 'Efermera Ink' our monthly, local crafting group a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed making my birdie bag at the time, so it's nice to get to share it with you now:

Alter-A-Bag kit: bird applique

While you don't actually get Effie herself posted out to you in person to help you make your bag/T-shirt, you do get full details, instructions and photos to show you what's what! I faithfully and obediently followed Effie's demonstrations except for when it came to adding my bird. Call me contrary ... but ...

... when I looked at everyone elses birds facing into their cages, I decided to have mine hopping out instead, a decision which possibly tells you quite a lot about me!!

Alter-A-Bag kit: flower

I loved making the flower [above] but I won't spoil it for you by telling just what the technique is used to achieve such a professional look [you'll get the instructions in the kit]. Again, it's one of Effie's gems of crafting wisdom! Like the way she introduced me to iron-on dyes:

Alter-A-Bag kit: disperse dyes

I didn't know there was such a thing as dyes you could iron-on until I started attending Effie's crafting group. And yes, it is as much fun as it sounds!

All you need is a regular iron, the kind you use for ironing clothes - if you can imagine doing such a thing - and you can create surface patterns and colours that you would have thought you had to go to art college to learn about.

I enjoyed using the Kemtex dye colour sheets so much that Effie let me take some home to play with ... she's kind to me like that! And play I did.

In fact I played for so long that I think I might have worn out my iron as it now makes strange growling noises when it gets hot ... they're a lot of fun ... don't say I didn't warn you!

Alter-A-Bag kit

So, for all of those of you who don't get to attend Effie's workshops in person, why not let Jean provide you with the next best thing through one of the bag or the T-Shirt kits.

Really the only thing missing is the tea and laughter we also have when we all get together ... it's a shame we haven't found a way to send you some of that in the mail ... but we're working on it ...

See you soon.

Julie :)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

169 days to go......

Yes folks it's almost that time again! So why not get ahead of the game and make your crafty friends a lovely bag to dye for. You could fill it with gorgeous stash from the shop(be sure to include some fab border stamps from Purple Onion) Your friends will be the object of envy at their classes or crops. The bags are a really useful size and the thing I like are the long handles so I can sling it over my shoulder leaving my hands free to carry more bags!
I'm not a needlecraft person but even I managed the back stitch on this. The flower was made by roughly cutting out chiffon circles and melting with a heat gun. Take care not to over do otherwise you end up with a shrivelled mess.!
Don't you just love a birdie.
So what are you waiting for pick up a kit and get creating and then you too can have a smug look on your face as you say "I've started my C(not going to say this word until December) shopping"


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Bags to Dye for!

Need a new bag!... looking for something a bit different? why not decorate your own! The decoration on this bag is done using disperse dyes... a pwdered dye which is mixed with water and then painted on to paper, when dry it's then ironed onto fabric.. the colur is transfered from the paper to the fabric. It is really vibrant on synthetics (which it is intended for) but lovely muted shades can be achieved on cottons.

The dye is ironed through a stencil...the design is then hand embroidered, the bird appliqued, embellishments added and hand made flowers attached........

If all this seems complicated then 3djean makes it easy........there is a kit available!

If you don't want a bag............. how about a t-shirt
Colour fastness is not guaranteed .. so hand wash in cold water

Hope you like it



PS... It's not me in the picture...............just some random woman!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Jan: Spring card Tutorial

Yes I know it's Summer but I don't mean Spring the season I mean spring as in bouncy? I think I'll stop trying to explain and tell you about the card I made with the fabby Websters papers and those gorgeous vintage pin up girl images.
You can make this card any size as long as the length of the card is twice it's width. My sample is 5" x10". Below is a photo tutorial to help you .

Fold the card in half so that it forms a square.
Now fold one half in half again.
Open out flat.
Take the bottom left hand corner and fold across the card in line with the second fold. Use a bone folder to make the crease. Open out flat.

Repeat the fold but this time top left hand corner down . Again use the bone folder to sharpen the crease.

Open out flat. I have turned the card so that the folds are now on my left. Why didn't I start that way ? Don't ask. Now find the central point on the right hand side and mark.

Using the central point cut back towards the folds to create a point.

Now the tricky bit push the two side folds in over to form the diamond. The left hand section folds forward to make the platform. If you're still with me you're nearly there!

See now you can see where we're going.

Almost there , decorate the platform first as you are going to secure the diamond to this using double sided tape. Sorry the photo's a bit naff but I promise you there are two strips of tape on the underside of the diamond.

Continue to decorate. If you need stash and we all NEED stash pop over to the shop
Well done you are now the proud owner of a spring card.

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