Wednesday, 27 March 2013


...boys toys! sometimesyou may need more than a just card but not quite a full blown gift..this might fit the bill.It is just a box with an aperture cut in the front... (I used a Tim Holtz movers and shapers die...) a toy car mounted in the opening, decorated with these Pion papers..

The papers are 12x12 and have lots of bits and pieces to cut out... banners, borders, butterflies and tags.

I used as old pencil for a handle..

tha papers are great for square cards too as they are divided into four 6x6 sections.

you can get your paperpack here

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Take one...

fabulous 12 x 12 paper grandly named The Notebooks of Herboris Elixirs and you have the perfect start for a lovely free standing pop up card. I love double sided paper, it takes all the headache out of trying to find matching pieces. Especially this range which has a good mix of graphics, florals, banners, borders etc

 I've gone with the ledger page as the base for this card,then cut out the banner.
The borders came in useful for the front of the base.
And finally I paper pieced the owl.
What more could you want from a sheet of paper?
 Check out the shop for other delightful double sided papers

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

How Cute

How cute is this , well we have had deliveries and this is just one of the items that has arrived. It comes blank and its up to you to cover it how you like. Pop over to the shop and see what else is new xx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Julie: cardmaking with Lost Coast Designs

Hello again.
One of the things I really like about browsing the 3DJean shop is that I know Jean will have found something to stock that I otherwise wouldn't see in my regular crafty shopping places. Partly because she seeks out products from international suppliers ... and also because, like me, she likes things that are a bit 'different'.
The most recent thing which caught my eye was the 'Time Flies' stamp from Lost Coast Designs which I made the focal point of this collage-style card:
I love designs which have interesting heads and faces - which is the main reason I fell for this character:
It's not one which takes a great deal of careful colouring-in either. After stamping it on to an ever-so-slightly patterned paper - I just gave it a quick scribble with some coloured pens to bring it to life a little.
On the original design the 'Tempus Fugit' [time flies] title is attached just beneath the image but, as I so often do with designs that have more than one element, I snipped them apart to give me the option of stamping with or without the wording. Then I added the title separately:
If you like something a little bit out-of-the-ordinary in your stamping too then make sure to browse the Lost Coast designs
If you haven't checked out the shop in a while there's a new Infocrea paper collection just added - which is really bright and colourful [no, truly, I mean reeeeaaaalllly bright + colourful!] and definitely a style I haven't seen for a while n scrapbooking. 
I've already made a mini album and a magazine project using them and ... while you may not think it on first glance ... the various colours included in the set really do mix well with bright papers form other ranges too. They're all here if you want a look, and they're double-sided too so make sure to click through to see the reverse of each.
OK, I hope you haven't been snowed-in this week but if you have ... I hope you have your craft supplies nearby!
See you next time.
Julie :-)
p.s: did you know that 3DJean now has a Facebook page? Because it does!

Some new 12x12 papers

We have some new papers arrived from France. Here is a look at them , they are double sided so if you want to see whats on the back of them , then pop over to the shop

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