Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Julie: Collage style card - lime green with gold

Hello again.
Time and again when I sit down to get crafty - without knowing in advance what it is I want to make - it's  the colours of my supplies that inspire me to start pulling various bits and pieces together. And with this project it all began with the fresh, zesty, lime green Lily Bee 12x12 papers in 'Trinket' and 'Whimsy' which eventually led to this freestyle, collage-y, layered card: 
In between layers of the two different lime green prints I added a band of stamping using the Lost Coast Designs Zebra Stripe border stamp:
And .. as I was feeling in the citrus mood ... I stamped the same design elsewhere on the card only this time using a lemon yellow ink pad:
My sentiment [wording snipped from an old children's story] was added on top of two Collections Elements tickets which I highlighted with a strip of the fabulous Faux Diamante Mesh in gold
I just loved the way the gold tone brought some sophistication to the bright green backing, while in return the green really livened up a colour that's often only used in very 'traditional' style cards and projects.
I'll definitely be looking for more ways to mix gold with vivid colours in future casual scrappy style cards!
Hopefully my next Design Team project will feature my '52 Weeks of Photos' album. I've been keeping up by taking a photo each week all month ... so now I just need to print them .. and decide how to present them!
How are you joining in? Let us know in the comments or on the 3DJean Facebook page.
If you haven't heard of the 3DJean DT's year long photography + crafty project - then just click here for all of the details. Everyone's welcome!
Catch you next time.
Julie :-)

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Number 4... Something Green

...and they're very green, no sign of turning red..

Green tomato chutney anyone?

Fresh and clean looking

No inked edges or a card with lots of elements , just a clean and fresh looking card. That's what I think these two cards look like that I have made.   

 I used an embossing folder and then some of the lovely Rose Organza ribbons , we have it in stock at the moment in red and black. A pack of rhinestones and pearls from the Hobby House range we stock to bling them up just a bit.
 Then on the black one i've used the Purple Onion Designs HAPPY BIRTHDAY strip stamp and the good new is that this stamp is now back in stock.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Jan: Gift bag

 Jean has got these cute kraft bags  in the shop, which are ideal for decorating. I have used the double sided Hello Sunshine posie paper for the body of the bag. The combination of bright yellows and deep reds are so refreshing.

 The rosette has been made from a strip of Hello Sunshine, twirl
The beauty of these double sided papers are that you get so many combinations.  The tag is the other side of Hello Sunshine  twirl.

Tip: I put a strip of chipboard in the base of the bags to make them more sturdy.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Number 34

... this is the second week and  number 34 on the list...
WHAT'S IN THE FRIDGE... a lot! getting ready for a bit of a 'Do'....there's a lot of food but not much drink... that's in the 'beer' fridge elsewhere.

Alas no beer for me since the A&E incident...

Two down fifty to go....

My First 2 Weeks

Two weeks have gone and im up to date , which has got to be a good start. Of  course we had no choice over the 1st photo , so here is my self portrait.

 Week 2 and I've done No 16 A Good Habit . Last Friday I took 7 of my Girl Guides to York for the day , we went by train , visited the York Chocolate Story (yes we ate lots lol ) and went on the City Tour bus. So for me being a Guide leader has got to be a good habit.
I must admit those sheets of little Alphabets we stock are going to come in very handy for this having used them on both pages already

Sunday, 11 August 2013


... you couldn't make it up!.. it's VHS v Betamax all over again..The Pogo arrived.. late!..plugged it in and got ready to print.. Pogo won't print from an iPhone...what's that all about!... so I thought I'll E-mail it to myself and print from the lap top....needed a double ended USB lead... didn't have the right lead!... so I'll bluetooth it.... the lap top does't have bluetooth!... by this time I'm losing the will to live!..

E-Mailed to a different lap top and here we are! I hate having my picture taken.. I think I'm 20 years younger and four stone lighter than I really am!.. If anyone recognizes me from this picture then I'm in trouble!... and I've discovered there's a big difference in the forward and back facing cameras on the iPhone... after trying to resize stuff!..

Anyway I've started.. here's my first page
The second photo is on it's way....you can find the list here if you want to join in....

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Pion Images

Who doesn't love these beautiful image sheets from PION and at only £1.20 a sheet. You get a lot of images to play with. I've picked 3 and made these cards with them.   

 I have used some of the Lily Bee 12x12 papers with of the Hobby House Heart Pins and Faux Diamond Mesh to create these cards.
 The sentiments on two of the cards are from a Stampin Up set (From My Heart) and as I am now a Stampin Up demonstrator if you fancy these stamps just drop me an email ordersat3djean@btinternet.com as they are not in the shop.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Julie: Multi-pocket mini-album

Hi again.

Back in June I shared images of a mini-album I'd begun using the heavyweight 'Artist Colours' cardstock as my covers  [if you missed that post, just click on the link to visit it]. And now I'd like to share some of the inner pages which are a mix of divided page-protectors and regular double-sided paper leaves.
The album itself is a record of all the 9 times [and counting ...] that I've been on a long crafting weekend with a group of friends [including the 3DJean DT who are all making one of these albums too!] and it's a place for me to keep:
  • lots of photos - we've all shared the photos we each have taken over the years - so we now have the same events from all angles!
  • the menu [of Jean's fabulous home-cooking for each day!]
  • our crafty itinerary - we're always forgetting just how much we get done in our 3 days away!
  • plus ... lots of silly memories and notable quotes! What holiday with friends would be the same without the in-jokes and memorable moments?
Inside my divided page-protectors I've used a mix of the fun journaling cards from Infocrea's Feu d'Artifice:
And here they are cut out and slotted in:
And a couple more:
The tiny alpha stickers I used for the 'Craft Projects' title [above] and for some of my dates below are also by Infocrea [the particular colour-way I used is out of stock, but there's another option still available here]
I made the tabbed pages [above + below] using 12x12 sheets of the bright graphic double-sided patterns from the Feu d'Artifice range:
I made a few of these into pocket pages too - to hold more of those photos that we've all collated.
Let me show you how I made one particularly quick and easy pocket page from this  12x12"sheet :
My album is smaller than 12" so, rather than trim off a strip along the bottom of a full sheet of paper I simply folded it upwards: 
 As my pockets don't need to be super-strong I simply kept the folded flap in position using strips of washi tape wrapped around from the front to the back ... and voila! there's a pocket!:
You could also stitch down the sides if you wanted, or use brads or eyelets.
And here's the pocket in use, storing extra photos and those I haven't yet got around to sticking into the album:
And, not only is it a super-easy style of pocket ... it puts double-sided papers to such great use! You get to see both sides at the same time!
I hope you've found something here to inspire to go and get your craft on.
Happy crafting!
p.s: are you joining us in the '52 Weeks of Photos' project? I'm making another split-page-protector album to store mine!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Your 52 Weeks of Photos starts now

So that means you will need a list , well here you go

1 Self portrait                                                             27 Flowers    
2 What you wore                                                       28 Black n White
3 Clouds                                                                    29 Where you live
4 Something green                                                      30 The other half
5 After dark                                                               31 What you drive
6 Obsession                                                               32 Friends
7 With an angel                                                          33 A bad habit
8 Routine                                                                   34 Whats in the fridge
9 Someone you love                                                   35 Man in uniform
10 Childhood memory                                                36 Supermarket  
11 Something Blue                                                      37 Something close up
12 Sunset                                                                   38 Words
13 Cannot live without                                                39 Breakfast today
14 Eyes                                                                      40 Numbers
15 Silhouette                                                               41 A bicycle
16 A good habit                                                          42 A pot plant
17 Technology                                                            43 Relaxing with a cuppa
18 Your shoes                                                            44 10am
19 Something you want                                               45 Someone in a hat
20 In your bag                                                            46 Inside your wardrobe
21 Faceless self portrait                                              47 Something new
22 Inspiration                                                             48 Civic Building
23 Patterns                                                                49 Something old
24 Strangers                                                              50 Feet in the grass
25 Close up                                                               51 Work
26 Celebration                                                           52 Self portrait

There you go 52 weeks of photos , you can do them in any order you like but the 1st and last must be Self Portrait. I think the list is interesting Gail and I put it together one night whilst crafting. The only one that might be a problem is No.7 and this has been put in as Gail has never been to see the Angel of the North , but often travels passed it , but im sure you are all creative enough for this to not be a problem.
Hope you join in and keep us informed if you do and remember to keep popping back to see how we are doing with the list and to see all the lovely stuff we are creating with the products in the shop

jean x  
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