Friday, 27 September 2013

Another 3 weeks all at once

First I must apologies for the quality of photo , i'm not at home and i took them before I left so I could do this blog post whilst sat in my hotel room and I had not realized the poor quality  

 So three more weeks done , but i do believe i've another 4 weeks to do when I return home. Just a little behind , but I think with the size of the sheets i can get them done in a night. (fingers crossed)  
The first is the "What's in your fridge" and the photo is of the tiny fridge in our caravan ready for 2 weeks in the New Forest in August , weather was great and we had a well earned lovely rest .
The second is "flowers" again another holiday photo taken at Compton Acres on a day out.
Thirdly is "someone you love" so got to be a picture of Olivia , 13 and growing fast.

How are the rest of you doing    

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A Little Bit Of..

Texture goes a long way...This stuff is great, no more adding colour to gesso or white texture gel, it does what it says on the tin! On this tag I used the Gummy Berry Bear mixed with Tidy Widy.... only because I didn't clean the stencil between colours... how lazy is that but I love the colour.

The images are from Artchix.. you can find them here..

I used a chevron stencil on this tag with the Jelly Bean Green and the Artchix house image sheet

Houses again with Gummy Berry Bear. through a dotty stencil.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Julie: Chipboard heart wall art

Hello there.

For the next 6 weeks over on my own blog I'm running Going Postal: a postal-themed blog series and so ... it was only natural that my design team project for today featured something a little bit post-inspired too! And here's what I made ...

How to create a similar simple-but-striking piece of wall art:

  1. Take one of the bare chipboard hearts from the pack of 24 from Collections Elements;
  2. Run a glue stick over the heart;
  3. Cover it with a selection of postage stamps, in the same colour;
  4. Turn the heart over and carefully trim away any excess from around the edge;
  5. Mount the finished postal-heart on to cream cardstock using 3D foam pads;
  6. Spell out a greeting with alphabet stickers beneath the heart [or leave blank if you want the heart to speak for itself!];
  7. Add a pre-cut card mount [eg. Wilkinson's stores sell very affordable card mounts] to add a professional finishing touch and then ...
  8. Frame it and put it on the wall ... or, if you can bear to ... send it to someone you love!
Here's a close-up:
If you don't have any vintage-style stamps or if, like me, you just have a soft-spot for creating with postage-themed items then you might find yourself swooning over these two new additions to the 3DJean shop this month - both of which are part of a larger Art Chix re-stock ...
 And there's a festive version of the 'Faux Postage' with this 'Christmas 'sheet:
If you've already bought these sheets ... and you'd like to take part in my Going Postal series, then simply blog your projects made from these [or indeed any] postal themed supplies.
Then drop by my blog for details on how to link up your post so you can share your project with lots of fellow postal-fans! 
Wishing you a month of Happy Mail!
Julie :-)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Look what's new in

DAZZLERZ  & TEXTUREZ are both textural paste type paints.

DAZZLERZ are smooth and incredibly shimmery and come in 10 super bright colors.
TEXTUREZ are shimmery, but have added texture to them. They come in 8 rich, vintage colors.
Both products come in large 2 oz jars, so you'll have plenty of product for all those mixed media and art projects. And. . . of course. . . .both work beautifully with the whole Shimmerz Paints line of products
Dazzlerz and Texturez work beautifully with stencils and templates or on their own....You can BRUSH them on like paint, use a SPATULA to spread them or BUILD THEM UP to give  a m a z i n g  depth and t e x t u r e to your projects.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

3 Weeks at once.....

... 25,47 and 50...that is Close Up, Something New and Feet in the Grass..
How's this for the inside of a humongous squash....

This is my new's less than a week old....I don't have a good track record with new machines and this is no exception.. the needle threader has fallen off.... goodness knows where, so it's back to the retailer

One broken toe...all the fault of piles of stash everywhere during the craftroom makeover... which is done...only now I can't find anything

What misconception we have about ourselves.....I always though my feet looked OK....until I saw this wrong can you be! 

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