Monday, 12 April 2010

Julie :: Mini canvas

Hi all.

Here's my version of the mini canvas project:

The brand new Canvas Project Kit comes complete with the materials required to make your own version and it's available to buy here .

For further instruction on how to put it together see Jean's post here, [I love the crown she made for hers!]

I chose to use this particular image because
  • [a] I have a soft spot for bird imagery and
  • [b] I love everything wordy and text-patterned and, as you might just be able to make out, his little body features a text background:

After spraying my silver crackle paint with blue and green inks, I gave my little 'new bird' some blue wire antennae and then took him outside for a little photo-shoot with one of my favourite garden birds!

As you've been able to see by looking at each of the work of each of the design team over the last few days, no two crafters respond to a kit-project in quite the same way.

Now we can't wait to see what you do with yours ... please remember to share it with us when you make one of your own!

See you soon,
Julie :)


  1. Oh it's gorgeous! I love bird imagery too.

  2. Love your little birdie ! That shot taken with the twigs is super, the reflection is unreal. Super design on such a small piece !

  3. Lovely birdie and great photgraphy. Big bird is rather fabulous too. All round yumminess x

  4. I want to have a go at one at the weekend :)

  5. these are lovely like that crackle effect

  6. Thanks everyone :) The photos were one of those 'quick-take-photos-of everything-you've-made-while-the-sun's-shining' dashes for the camera a few weeks back!

    LME: great stuff - make sure you let us see when you do :)

  7. You must have had a deep sense of satisfaction having made such a beautiful piece. Well done.


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