Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Adventures Of A Mini Canvas ...

My mini canvas project started out life just the same as everyone elses but it wanted more from life, it wanted to be different, to stand out from the crowd. It wanted to stand up and shout "Hey, look at me! I'm different". It wanted to be SPARKLY!! Yes, my miniature canvas wanted Sparkles with a capital S!
And, by the wonders of modern technology - otherwise known as the application of a generous amount of Glossy Accents around all the edges of the canvas quickly followed by the dunking into a pot of Doodlebug chunky turquoise glitter my little canvas's dreams came true and he was SPARKLY and different and he stood out in a crowd ... and the other canvases in the room were secretly jealous of my little sparkly canvas. Ha! Even Jean wished she had a sparkly canvas!!

Now, everyone who knows me understands my passion for sparkle and glitter. Or perhaps I should say they they realise that a life without sparkle and glitter would be an unbearable life for me to live so they put up with sharing a crop table with me and my glitter. They realise that if they want to play with paper and glue and stick stuff together with me then ultimately they are going to be covered in glitter too :)

If you would like to make a mini canvas project like mine (or even like theirs) then pootle over to 3DJean and grab yourself a Canvas Project Kit, perhaps some extra canvases because you know you'll want to make more once you've made one and may I suggest also that you drop into your basket some of this gorgeous Jeni B Blue Shimmerz spray and tumbled glass Distress Ink because to be perfectly honest that beautiful turquoise colour is to die for - and it goes perfectly with glitter and sparkle!

Oooooooh, I just have to add (because I am currently pushing my overloaded shopping trolley down the aisles of Jean's shop) that these turquoise stickles and under the sea dewdrops would go perfectly with the shimmerz spray and distress inks I have already persuaded you to buy!!

Have fun and remember - Glitter isn't just for Christmas, it's for life *giggle*

Andrea x


  1. Andrea, what a fab canvas too ! looks super !

  2. This is a lovely canvess I love the paint you have used what is it? it's a lovely colour and cracked beautifully

    Love Dawn xx

  3. Where would we be without sparkle? In a very dull world that is where. A super smashingly sparkly project. x

  4. Dawn I used silver croco and covered it in quite a lot of tumbled glass distress inky stuff when it was dry and then a bit of shimmerz spray (baby's breath)


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