Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Julie: Head Trinket Keepsake project

Hi all, how's things? How much crafting have you got through this week? Not as much as you'd like [No? Me neither!] or too much? [if there is such a thing as too much crafting that is!!]

While this isn't something I've made this week, there are two specific reasons I thought I'd share this particular project with you today.

  1. The first is that it was Shakespeare's birthday just last Friday [What? Did you forget to send him a card again?].
  2. Meanwhile, at this exact time last year, I was setting up the inspiration blog The Copy + Paste Project and this Shakespeare-inspired project was the very first thing I made for one of our challenges. [You can read more about it here].

While it looks like I might have spent a lot of time and care cutting out a tiny head shape ... I certainly haven't! No, I just bought and altered a 'Head Trinket' from the 3DJean shop:

Once I'd completed the simple construction I decorated the outside with paint, a scrap of wrapping paper, a rub-on, some coloured crayon and Stickles glitter:

The tiny quotation is from Shakespeare's Hamlet and to frame it within the shadow-box I:

  • typed it into Microsoft Word document using a size 8 font;
  • printed it off;
  • glued it in place;
  • Glossy Accented it and finally ....
  • smeared it with various colours of Stickles:

The end result is now proudly on display and as it's so tiny and so light he's simply Blue-Tacked to a shelf unit! [Not sure how respectful that is to a Prince of Denmark!]

Now, having re-visited this project, I'm wondering why I didn't buy more of them and have a line of wise heads lined up across the shelf.

Luckily, there's some in stock right now .... I'll race you to the checkout ...

Julie ;)


  1. What a super idea ! the trinket is fab and i can think of loads of ways to use it.....mmmmm!

  2. ooo I love this and can also see a line of them up somewhere! Love the quote you used too XXX


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