Monday, 26 April 2010

Shimmer Shimmer Shimmerz

Shimmerz one of my favourite products. I dont realy do cute but having a 10 year old girl I often need a card for a birthday party, so i bought some stampinbella's. Here are 3 of the cards I made with them , the Shimmerz and some of Andrea's left over paper's (I love sitting next to her when I make cards lol)
I painted the stamped images with the Shimmerz and a very very fine brush.
And then painted some plain Prima flowers in the same Shimmerz to match.

So from these plain Prima's we end up with.
These lovely Shimmery Shimmerz one's which look just right on the cards.


  1. Shimmerz do do a great job in transforming the plain into something very special Jean !

  2. Absolutely brilliant - not seen that product before

  3. I will definitely be buying some sShimmerz after receiving one of these gorgeous cards inmy pizza box...thank you for the inspiration...Kirsti xox


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