Sunday, 30 June 2013

How Pretty...

....Are these images!
They're part of the Grandmas Attic collection from Pion

I love the soft romantic touch of colour.

If you like them too then you can find them here


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Julie: art journal page with masking, spraying and stamping

Hi again.
My project for this week is an art journal page made from lots of the supplies stocked at 3DJean.
Here's the page itself:
And here's a few of the supplies that helped me to get there!

The first layer consisted of adding colour using various shades of Shimmerz spray inks:
Next, I used up some scraps of Lily Bee patterned papers - in shades of blue to match my inked background -  to add some interest to the bottom half of the page:
Then, on top of that, I used Cut N Dry foam and a green ink pad to stencil through the Tando Creative 'Sequin Waste' mask
 In the same green ink I stamped the chequerboard design from the Infocrea 'Abstract' stamp set around the edges of the page:
... then stamped the circle design from the same set on top - this time in a contrasting shade:
And - to liven up the page even further - I used the Lost Coast Designs 'Zebra Stripe' border stamp to add smaller areas of pattern across the page:
And here's a closer look at how some of those layers added up:
And here's the finished result once again:

Have a browse around the 3DJean shop for all kinds of supplies for your journal pages such as the sprays, masks and stamps I've used on this page:
  • Shimmerz spray inks
  • Lost Coast Designs 'Zebra Stripe' border stamp
  • Infocrea 'Abstract' stamp set
  • Tando Creative 'Sequin Waste' mask
  • Lily Bee patterned papers
If you'd like to see a full step-by-step on how this page came together - then hop over to my blog to see, in further detail, how I put these supplies to use:
And I'll see you back here, with another project, in 3 weeks' time.
Julie :-)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Pion Delivery

We have had a delivery today from Pion , there papers are always so pretty. 2 image sheets have arrived and the one with the Pretty Ladies holding Bouquets has tinted images. Whilst the Christmas themed one is just sepia.   

Also in the delivery was some of the 12x12 double sided patterned papers from the Silent Night range , again very pretty. Just hope its not to early to talk about Christmas yet !!! 

So don't forget to keep popping back to see what we are making , i'm off to make some Christmas tags with some of this lot.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Julie: Using 'Artists Colours' cardstock to make a mini-album

 Hello again.
Today I thought I'd try to show you something that's a little tricky to convey online, something which might not come across in the product image on the website ... and that's: the quality of the 'Artists Colours' 12x12 recycled cardstock available in the 3DJean shop.
Currently available in 8 colours it has a very similar texture/finish to kraft card, but in colour rather than the natural buff shade. And for my project today I chose the 'French Mustard' option:
For some reason this shade puts me in mind of school exercise books and has a nice nostalgic feel to it! And, while it is  definitely a mustard-y shade - I find it almost as versatile as a 'neutral'.
 And by cutting down two sheets of the 12x12 I created the covers for this mini-album:
[p.s: you can find the lovely bright blue 'sunburst' design patterned paper I've used on the cover here]
Now, here's where I need to find a way to show you just how suitable this heavyweight card is for album covers!
Here's a close-up of the card edge-on - I think you should just be able to see how thick it is form this:
Another bonus is that it doesn't bend or buckle - which will come in useful as my album fills-up.
And here's a shot from above, showing how the album can stand up alone as the covers are that strong:
It really is a useful weight of card to have on the shelf for future projects [I've got a new album project in mind and am going to treat myself to the 'French Navy' colour-way for that one] and here's a few more ideas which may help you judge the kind of card it is ....
It's not the kind of card I'd use for:
  • scrapbook pages or card making - it's far too thick for this
  • die-cutting - unless I was using the Bigz style heavyweight dies in which case it would be perfect!!
But it's amazing for:
  • album covers
  • 3d constructions/ boxes / shrines /
  • a base for wall-art / collage / mixed media work
... really, it's ideal for projects where you might usually turn to chipboard except it's:
  • much more colourful;
  • much smoother and
  • more dense than a lot of chipboard [it doesn't get that 'fluffy' edge chipboard tend to get when you cut some chipboards].
I hope I've managed to convey something of the quality and versatility of this fab 12x12 recycled cardstock - it was the next best thing to some sort of futuristic 'touch-o-vision' I could manage for you!
You're welcome to share anything you've made with this card or indeed ANY product you've ordered from Jean on the 3DJean Facebook page .
Until next time - have a great June.
Julie :-) 
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