Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Julie: Embellishing with ['sonic-screwdriver-blue'] diamantes!

Hello there and, as it's my first Design Team post of 2014, Happy New Year to you!  
Today I want to show how the wonderfully 'blingy' faux diamant√© mesh - which makes a perfect sparkly addition to girly cards - can work equally as well on masculine-themed projects!
Like this one ...
It's a Dr.Who themed scrapbook page featuring my other half posing as 'the Doctor' in a TARDIS-like photo-booth at my sister's birthday party [now I've said that out loud I realise it may sound the tiniest bit strange ... but never mind!]
And what better embellishment to compliment the light from the 'sonic-screwdriver' he's wielding ...   
I used a strip of it along the photo [it's easily cut with craft scissors - the mesh is only made from thread] and then, to balance out the colour across the page I added a few other smaller clusters at the top left and bottom right:
And I even sneaked in some of the silver mesh too:
I think one of the best things about scrapping something sci-fi themed like this is you can get away with using lots of shiny things and metallics ... and who doesn't enjoy that?!
You really can experiment with the whole 'space-shippy' feel which is why, beneath all the diamante I laid down a base of Shimmerz Texturez paint [in 'Patina']:
...  by scraping it through the Tando Creative 'Distorted Harlequin' mask:
And I also added a few random hexagons the Shimmerz Dazzlerz lovely and shiny black 'Licorice Stick':
And finally ... I flicked a Shimmerz spritz at the page for some relaxed and messy artiness [my favourite kind of artiness!]:
So, there you have it ... sci-fi scrapbooking with a little help from diamant√© and Shimmerz ... never let it be said that a bit of bling is just for the pretty pages!
See you next time.
Julie :-)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

...Halfway there...you don't have to start a project at the beginning of the year, in fact you can join in with this one at any time, I started in August and have for the most part kept to my self imposed Sunday schedule.

Number 30, The other half

Number 40, numbers

Number 45, Someone in a hat.

If you would like to join in the 52 Photos project then you can find the list  here...

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