Friday, 31 March 2017

Doing the washing

I'm lucky that for far to many years I've done mystery shopping and now I'm testing new and improved products. So with that in mind I wad sent a lovely large big box of Daz , there new stuff for whites and colours . No need for different powders . That's got to be good straight away.  Plus there were 10 little boxes to give to friends n family 
Who better to hand them out to than the girls at our crafty session in a Monday. And here's 2 of them having a bit chat about there freebie
But does it do the job , well I'm half way though the box and it's working for me. It seems to be working best on my whites and creams making them really ping with fresh colour. But one of the thinks I really love about it is the lovely smell and how it lingers , nothing better than fresh washing smell

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