Saturday, 3 July 2010

Jan: Spring card Tutorial

Yes I know it's Summer but I don't mean Spring the season I mean spring as in bouncy? I think I'll stop trying to explain and tell you about the card I made with the fabby Websters papers and those gorgeous vintage pin up girl images.
You can make this card any size as long as the length of the card is twice it's width. My sample is 5" x10". Below is a photo tutorial to help you .

Fold the card in half so that it forms a square.
Now fold one half in half again.
Open out flat.
Take the bottom left hand corner and fold across the card in line with the second fold. Use a bone folder to make the crease. Open out flat.

Repeat the fold but this time top left hand corner down . Again use the bone folder to sharpen the crease.

Open out flat. I have turned the card so that the folds are now on my left. Why didn't I start that way ? Don't ask. Now find the central point on the right hand side and mark.

Using the central point cut back towards the folds to create a point.

Now the tricky bit push the two side folds in over to form the diamond. The left hand section folds forward to make the platform. If you're still with me you're nearly there!

See now you can see where we're going.

Almost there , decorate the platform first as you are going to secure the diamond to this using double sided tape. Sorry the photo's a bit naff but I promise you there are two strips of tape on the underside of the diamond.

Continue to decorate. If you need stash and we all NEED stash pop over to the shop
Well done you are now the proud owner of a spring card.


  1. Boing!... I'm going to have a go at this. though it may be another easel card jobby!

  2. Very easy-to-follow tutorial, will have a go too !

  3. Gotta try this! I just got the Martha Stewart Scoring Board over the weekend and was wonderin' what my first project was gonna be. Thanx for sharing this with us.


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