Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Julie: Light,lacy,stencilled and spritzed!

Hello there.
How's things in your corner of the crafting world? Have you got any holidays planned?

As I'm off on a little city-break soon, I thought I'd get on with scrapping some photos of my last trip ... they won't stand much of a chance once I have some fresh new photos to work with! So I set to work with a few things from 3DJean:

.... to create a page documenting some of the beautiful lacy effects we spotted in the V&A Museum London: To mirror the laciness of the photos I layered up two paper doilies, one red and heart shaped and the other [one of these ] which I sprayed blue using a Vibez spray ink.
The photo below shows how I used another heart-shaped doily behind my title, only this time U used it as a stencil. I spritzed ink through it to create my own soft, subtle lacy effect:I experimented with another texturing technique too, this time adding interest to the plain card alphas I used for my title:

  • First I painted quite a rough, thick layer of Shimmerz Pearlz [I used 'Grey Flannel'] across the lettering;
  • When it was almost dry I spritzed it lightly with a spray ink;
  • Then, using a scrunched-up sheet of kitchen-roll I pressed directly on top of the ink I'd just sprayed then quickly lifted the paper off.
  • This action removed most of the ink and also took away spots of the paint - leaving behind a soft, dappled, marbling effect .... for very little skill!:

Another main feature I wanted to add was the clusters of Dew Drop gems scattered across the page. Because there are so many Dew Drops in the jars I could carry on adding more and more until they made a real impact ... and I've still got lots left over!

Lastly, I dotted around a few ArtChix collage images here and there, can you spot them hiding amid all of that laciness?I hope you've enjoyed this whistle-stop tour around my lacy page, if you try any of the techniques I've used remember to give me a shout, it'll be lovely to see.

I'd better go and get on with all my important holiday planning ... like working out which shoes to take and how many dresses I'll need for 5 days away ... oh and not forgetting planning what I'm going to do with all the photos I'll be taking while I'm away!

I'll be back very soon, but in the meantime, pop over to my 'notes on paper' blog where today I'm sharing a few more ideas using items if ephemera from 3DJean.

Hopefully I'll see you there ... I'll just run on ahead of you and do a quick tidy round .....

Julie :)


  1. Fab stuff, love the V&A theme !!

  2. I do like all those lacey layered edges....

  3. What a gorgeous layout :)


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