Wednesday, 14 July 2010

It's Never Too Early!

...........................For Christmas!....
I'd searched and searched for vintage glass glitter and the nice lady at 3djean said if she could find some then she would get some........and she did! it's fabulous stuff!
So what did I make... a vintage snowman and here's how.

Take two different sized balls, these can be made of anything, these are compacted cotton paper. Cover in PVA glue and roll them in that fabulous silver chunky glitter. Gather a few twigs ( for his arms), paint them white.
Sarpen the end of a twig and colour the tip orange, cut off the end.. (for his nose) Take two black headed pins and snip to about .5cm For his hat.. cover the cap of a glue stick with black card, cut a larger circle for the brim and glue together
Using a cocktail stick about 3cm long push half in his head and the other half in his body, stick in his eyes and nose. Sharpen the ends of his arms and glue in the body. Add some small buttons. Give him a scarf made from any kind of fibres or ribbon. Using a small length of dowel mount him on a square block of wood...........or use a cotton reel to sit him on ( this was my first intention!)

And there you have it!

Or how about a Halloween cat!. he is made using the fine black glitter and he has a tail made from string dipped in glue and then glitter!

Hope you like it!


  1. Oh Effie...that snowman is really cute, I can imagine a little row of these!!! Thank you for the instructions too X

  2. How cute are these???? but not Christmas yet - not had my birthday or my summer holiday yet!!!!....x

  3. Fab projects and very effective !!

  4. Oh they are really cute and I really like that glass glitter - I'm not much of glitter girl usually but I could go for that!


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