Thursday, 8 July 2010

169 days to go......

Yes folks it's almost that time again! So why not get ahead of the game and make your crafty friends a lovely bag to dye for. You could fill it with gorgeous stash from the shop(be sure to include some fab border stamps from Purple Onion) Your friends will be the object of envy at their classes or crops. The bags are a really useful size and the thing I like are the long handles so I can sling it over my shoulder leaving my hands free to carry more bags!
I'm not a needlecraft person but even I managed the back stitch on this. The flower was made by roughly cutting out chiffon circles and melting with a heat gun. Take care not to over do otherwise you end up with a shrivelled mess.!
Don't you just love a birdie.
So what are you waiting for pick up a kit and get creating and then you too can have a smug look on your face as you say "I've started my C(not going to say this word until December) shopping"



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