Sunday, 18 July 2010

A Savoury Dish

As you know I just love cooking/baking as much as crafting and playing with paper. But my favourite foods have got to be savoury things .So here is my recipe for Leek n Stilton quiche.Its very easy and quick

To start you need to bake blind a pastry case or buy one , about 8inch dish. I buy frozen pastry these days as its so much easier for me as the 2 things I cant make are yorkshire puddings (tried every recipe under the sun)and pastry.

Then chop and fry 2 medium leeks , place these in the bottom of the pastry case

Now crumble over the leeks 6oz Blue Stilton cheese

Mix together in a jug 2eggs and a small carton of single cream , pour over the top of the leeks n cheese

pop in the oven at gas 5 for about 25-30mins , eat and enjoy


  1. Looks very inviting Jean !

  2. This looks way better than my slimming world quiche!


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