Monday, 23 August 2010

Mad Hatter

I do like the Alice In Wonderland story and love anything done by Tim Burton, so I was very excited when the new version of the film came out. I loved it and Depp's Mad Hatter what can I say.
So here is a canvas I made.It was for me but it is now hanging in Olivia's bedroom she liked it so much.

I used a piece of card the Gail had coloured down the middle of the canvas after spraying the canvas the same colours as the card with SHIMMER SPRAYS. I did some stamping on to tissue paper with the LOST COAST DESIGN Alice stamps and a border down one edge and around the outside with one of their border stamps then stuck those on.

To finish it all off I painted 3 plain primas with SHIMMER PAINTS and stuck those on his hat.

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