Friday, 27 August 2010

Julie: 7Gypsies ATC Matchbox - For Men Only!

Hello you.

You know how you could give a room full of crafters the same basic ingredients to work with and there'll be as many different end results as there were crafters? Well, every now and again, here at Scattered Scarlet, the Design Team likes to put that idea to the test by all making a project using the same blank base to which we then add something very different ... our individual creativity.

In the past we've decorated the same bags and mini-canvasses and regularly use the same stamps to produce wildly different cards. [You can see lots of our examples by clicking on the 'Kit Projects' tab above ^^^ and by browsing through the other tabs too where all our projects are easily accessed.]

This time around we've been working with the same blank 7Gypsies ATC Matchbox [available in the shop now] and here's how I decorated mine ... vintage Americana style:

First I covered the outside of the box and the ends of the drawer with a black & white patterned paper from my stash.

I then brought in images from ArtChix and some pin-up girls from one of Southern Blackberry Design's Tissue Image sheets from the shop:Across the end of the drawer I used one of the Fancy Vintage Cigar Labels to add to my tobacco-smoking, whiskey-drinking, pin-up-girl-admiring theme!
Similarly the Purple Onion 'Warning Maybe Habit Forming' stamp seemed so perfectly appropriate to use across the front of the box: Once someone has decided whether or not they're going to heed the warning.... or else take the risk and open the box .... they'll be greeted by these lovelies:Here I glued my tissue-paper pin-ups on to each of the blank ATCs included with the 7Gypsies Matchbox. Once the glue was dry I gently sanded the surface to give an authentically worn feel.

Here's a close-up... if you dare look ...: And here's the back:
The main background is a few pages of Asian text from an Alter That Ephemera/Collage kit . I aged the paper with a Distress Ink pad and then stamped some note blocks on it using the Purple Onion 'Labelers' stamp set :
And finally, here's the inside of the drawer:
So, there you have it, my vintage Americana themed 7Gypsies Matchbox:
What do you think? Is it your cup of tea? Perhaps your shot-of-whiskey then?

How would you stamp your own style on your blank 7Gypsies Matchbox?

If you'd like some more inspiration, you won't have to wait long as right across this Bank Holiday Weekend the remainder of the Design Team will be bringing you their individual, and wildly different, interpretations.


Julie ;-)

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  1. Wow - I really thought they were "old" cards. Really authentic!


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