Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Julie: 'Hi, how are you?' cards

Hi ...................

This is currently my most used stamp sets available from the 3DJean shop, the Purple Onion 'Hello' set:

I stopped making cards for a while when I ended up with a backlog of specific birthday and special occasions ones which never seemed to get used up! I've now realised that in making more general greetings cards not only do I get to enjoy the process of making them ... I actually get to give more of them away!

So, armed with my favourite greetings set I made a range of general greetings cards:
If you read my previous card-making post you might remember how impressed I'd been at the hand-decorated papers given to me by Effie. Inspired by this I decided to make my own backing papers too:
My base consisted of a few sheets of 12x12 patterned papers whose designs no longer appealed to me, plus a few sheets of plain lined note paper [because I love office supplies just about as much as I love craft supplies!!]:
To customise these blanks I simply sprayed directly onto the papers with a variety of Shimmerz Vibez spray inks [from the wide range of colours available in the shop] including my newest favourite bottle of orangey goodness known as 'Sunset Strip':

Once my first layers of spritz had dried I then sprayed through various cheap, childrens' craft stencils in a contrasting colour and also dabbed paint through the stencils:Next I randomly stamped some of the stamps which 3DJean has stocked over the last few years, including the adorable Catslife Press 'Just between you and me' design:

...which you can just see at the bottom of this card:I then coverd an aperture card with the papers and layered onto them a variety of scraps and eclectic bits and pieces from my stash: I stamped several of the scalloped blocks from the 'Hello' set, adding the 'Hi' greeting inside some: .... while making a flower embellishments using a combination of round and tear drop shaped 'Dew Drops' in others:
Finally, I tried out my new super-cool Lost Coast Designs skulls border:.... across the tickets below:Is that wrong to put skulls on a 'how are you?' card? Maybe we shouldn't dwell on that ....

Out of interest ... what type of cards do you make most of? Are yours more general greetings like mine or do you know a lot of people ...who have a lot of birthdays and special occasions between them.

Clearly I now run the risk of discovering you all have a lot more friends than I do .... but I'll take the risk!

Julie :D


  1. These are fabulous Julie, and I love that skulls border!!

  2. These cards a just great and you've given me so many ideas from them,
    thanks so much!

  3. I love my Shimmerz, I use chipboard as a stencil (or buttons or doilies)to make gorgeous background papers. I've made lots of easel birthday cards, cos they look lush and use up my stash so I can buy more!

  4. Really super cards and easy to make, especially that you can make your own background papers and use thes in the way that you have !! Love the cards....but I don't make many really ! Is it 'cause I have no friends ? LOL

  5. Thats a nice stash of cards you've made there. I like the idea of general cards.

  6. Loving all your cards Julie and your ideas are fantastic..I think I need to get me some spray inks and shimmers!!! Take care, Kirsti xxx


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