Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Julie: Create a wreath with us!

Hi there everyone.

If you're a regular reader of Effie's blog [and why wouldn't you be??? Mmmm?] then you'll have recently spotted the polystyrene wreaths she was making as samples for our monthly crafting group.

Well, here's my interpretation based on Effie's original:

My flowers came from passing an old map through the Big Shot die-cutter:

The map went through the die-cutter while still folded so that it cut through many layers at once:

I layered up two sizes of die-cut flower then added a smaller flower punched from some Basic Grey, in the centres [all the construction ideas were taken from Effie's sample wreaths]:. The whole layered bloom was held in place on the wreath by a regular pin with the addition of a silver bead: My blank polystyrene ring was first covered with torn strips from my map paper too, which were simply glued in place with PVA then slightly dry-brushed with white acrylic paint.

And here is the finished item [after adding die-cut chipboard skulls and a house: ... and now it's hanging on my living room wall: Now then, why am I showing you this here rather than on my own blog? Well, I remembered that when one or other of us has mentioned our 'real-life' crafty get-togethers some of you leave lovely comments wishing you could be a part of it too.

Unfortunately, as much as we'd like you to join us, Jean hasn't yet gained the ability to beam you all into the community centre so you can join in [although I'm sure it's on her 'To Do' list!]. However, Jean tries to make up for this by offering you access to the same wonderful projects Effie plans for us on a regular basis.

So here's how you can have your own virtual-reality version of an Effie workshop:

  • 1. Visit the shop where you can now find the same flat-backed polystyrene rings we used for our wreaths here;

Then, once you've got your blank:

Also .... if you especially liked the effect of the map paper flowers in my version, then you're in luck. This month's Alter That Ephemera / Collage kit actually contains map paper so, while you're in the shop picking up your polystyrene ring, you can throw in a kit and get started straight away!

Once you've finished [or even when you've just thought of your theme] then share it with us.

5. Leave us a comment, a link etc to your own version or ideas, so we can come and see.

Please don't be shy ... we always end each crafty session by displaying our work for each other to admire .... and then we photograph it for posterity. Just imagine that you're hanging your wreath alongside ours here: I think the only thing you'll be missing from our 'real-life' workshops is the level of tea drinking and the amount of mess made by a room full of crafters die-cutting paper ... but I'm sure you can have a good go at re-creating both of those yourself!! ;-)

Right then, I'll leave you to it, you've got wreath's to make and I've got something a little risque to prepare for you for Friday ...

I'll see you then then!

Julie :-)


  1. Yummyness! I can only imagine the chaos created by many many die cut paper flowers. I hope no one sneezed during the assembly of the wreaths!

  2. Awe thanks Julia...for the gorgeous wreath idea & for how to make it!!! XXX


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