Monday, 14 June 2010

It's Rude to Point!

I just love this set of stamps from Purple Onion Designs.... I have lots of ideas.. but here's one of them! You'll need a piece of florists wire, a peg and a square block of wood and patterned paper, Basic Grey Basics

Take the peg appart... Twist the wire through the spring of the peg. Stamp your pionty finger and glue to a scrap of chipboard, cut out. Cut a small circle of chipboard and cover with paper, stamp a design of the Purple Onion date stamps would be perfect...................wish I'd thought of that before!
Drill a small hole in the block of wood. Cover the block with paper. Reassemble the peg

Glue the finger and the circle to the peg, glue the wire in the wooden block.... use Diamond Glaze or similar. Cute!

Hope you like it




  1. ooo this is brilliant Effie X

  2. Fab and very original !! Love it !

  3. I like that idea, what cute little girl images are they Amy Butler?

  4. What a neat idea I like it a lot.

  5. i do like these new stamps a whole lot

  6. I love the original


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