Friday, 4 June 2010

Party girl!

It's no secret that I love Zettiology stamps........ this one is one of my favourites

Here she is just stamped onto patterned paper.. ( quicker than colouring in!) and used for a party invitation, name place settings and a menu!

Plain and simple but I think effective!
Party time!
Hope you like it


  1. The zetties are growing on me I think ha ha I so don't get them but I can appreiciate them (if you know what I meen)

    I really do like these and like you say they may be simple but they are so COOL! Agreat idea for any PARTY!

    Love Dawn xx

  2. Have to ditto Dawn above BUT I love this stamp...she is really sweet X

  3. Fab stamp and just shows how 'simple' can also be very effective too !

  4. She looks like I feel 'cos I just ate 2 bars of chocolate :lol:


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