Thursday, 1 August 2013

Your 52 Weeks of Photos starts now

So that means you will need a list , well here you go

1 Self portrait                                                             27 Flowers    
2 What you wore                                                       28 Black n White
3 Clouds                                                                    29 Where you live
4 Something green                                                      30 The other half
5 After dark                                                               31 What you drive
6 Obsession                                                               32 Friends
7 With an angel                                                          33 A bad habit
8 Routine                                                                   34 Whats in the fridge
9 Someone you love                                                   35 Man in uniform
10 Childhood memory                                                36 Supermarket  
11 Something Blue                                                      37 Something close up
12 Sunset                                                                   38 Words
13 Cannot live without                                                39 Breakfast today
14 Eyes                                                                      40 Numbers
15 Silhouette                                                               41 A bicycle
16 A good habit                                                          42 A pot plant
17 Technology                                                            43 Relaxing with a cuppa
18 Your shoes                                                            44 10am
19 Something you want                                               45 Someone in a hat
20 In your bag                                                            46 Inside your wardrobe
21 Faceless self portrait                                              47 Something new
22 Inspiration                                                             48 Civic Building
23 Patterns                                                                49 Something old
24 Strangers                                                              50 Feet in the grass
25 Close up                                                               51 Work
26 Celebration                                                           52 Self portrait

There you go 52 weeks of photos , you can do them in any order you like but the 1st and last must be Self Portrait. I think the list is interesting Gail and I put it together one night whilst crafting. The only one that might be a problem is No.7 and this has been put in as Gail has never been to see the Angel of the North , but often travels passed it , but im sure you are all creative enough for this to not be a problem.
Hope you join in and keep us informed if you do and remember to keep popping back to see how we are doing with the list and to see all the lovely stuff we are creating with the products in the shop

jean x  


  1. Interesting list Jean and Gail. I am going to try my best to join in and keep up with this one

    Suzy x

  2. Think I will have a go !!

  3. What a great list - I will try and keep up too.
    Suzy will keep me on track - I also love the album xx

  4. Have bitten the bullet and blogged my first photo, the hideous! Self portrait lol and yes Donna I will keep you in order!

  5. so ive started and taken my self portrait and will take this weeks today i think , so watch the blog as i hope to get those first 2 weeks on it this week
    great to see people joining in

    jean x

  6. I've only just seen this so a bit late to the party - but want to have a bash too - watch this space!

  7. That would be interesting to start now since I just had surgery on my foot and can't use it for 12 weeks. It would be a challenge to see how I progress(or regress) over those weeks..

  8. What a great idea, only just seen it and seems a bit late to start on week 46? Maybe next year! Would give me the incentive to DO something each week, as i have lost my mojo at the moment....

  9. found this a bit late, but began in mid October. I don't Facebook, but will add some on my blog, and link back here.


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