Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My First 2 Weeks

Two weeks have gone and im up to date , which has got to be a good start. Of  course we had no choice over the 1st photo , so here is my self portrait.

 Week 2 and I've done No 16 A Good Habit . Last Friday I took 7 of my Girl Guides to York for the day , we went by train , visited the York Chocolate Story (yes we ate lots lol ) and went on the City Tour bus. So for me being a Guide leader has got to be a good habit.
I must admit those sheets of little Alphabets we stock are going to come in very handy for this having used them on both pages already


  1. Loiving your first two pages Jean. As a former Cub Leader I have to agree that being a Guide Leader is indeed a very good habit. I must get on with blogging my week two and getting the photos scrapped


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