Sunday, 11 August 2013


... you couldn't make it up!.. it's VHS v Betamax all over again..The Pogo arrived.. late!..plugged it in and got ready to print.. Pogo won't print from an iPhone...what's that all about!... so I thought I'll E-mail it to myself and print from the lap top....needed a double ended USB lead... didn't have the right lead!... so I'll bluetooth it.... the lap top does't have bluetooth!... by this time I'm losing the will to live!..

E-Mailed to a different lap top and here we are! I hate having my picture taken.. I think I'm 20 years younger and four stone lighter than I really am!.. If anyone recognizes me from this picture then I'm in trouble!... and I've discovered there's a big difference in the forward and back facing cameras on the iPhone... after trying to resize stuff!..

Anyway I've started.. here's my first page
The second photo is on it's can find the list here if you want to join in....

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  1. I commented on your own blog but your photo and your saga did give me a laugh. Excellent idea for a self portrait. I need to get my album made and my second photo blogged. Id like to stay reasonably on track with a challenge just for a change


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