Friday, 14 May 2010

How long is a piece of string?

........I have no idea but here's a place to keep it!
There's lots of 'altered' bean tins out there but hopefully this is a little different. You need ring pull tins.... as they leave a small lip inside when they're opened. Cover your cleaned tin with patterned paper.......... Stamp lots of different strips of patterned paper with a selection of border stamps... you can get them here A great way of using scraps............Cut out and glue in place around the tin. Cut a circle of chipboard to fit inside the tin........ this must be a snug fit as it just pushes into place, cover with patterned paper, punch a hole in the centre for your string to come through.
There you have it........... something pretty and useful to sit on your desk. You could cover the entire tin with strips or just use one or two.... add stickles, gems, ribbon , lace. Make it as plain or as decorative as you like.
If you make one it would be great if you put a link in your comment so we can come and see it!
Hope you like it!
Effie XXX


  1. Ooooh I likey this idea, looks beautiful :)

  2. Great idea, what a transformation of the humble empty bean tin !

  3. Oh what a wicked idea! I pray I do not forget it.

  4. I really liked this idea

    Love Dawn xx


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