Saturday, 22 May 2010

Do you like colour?

If the answer is yes then you need to get some of this

It's Brusho..... something I can't do without!
It's a very concentrated powder dye especially made for paper. It's translucent so colours can be overlaid to give some fantastic effects. Use an acrylic paint as a resist, either paint it directly on to paper, scrape on with a credit card or the method I like best is to use a piece of vinyl wallpaper as a stamp,when dry paint on a layer of Brusho over the top. The red spot was done this way.
Apply Brusho to your paper and when dry stamp with bleach....... the flowers above use this method Your hand coloured papers will always be unique and look fab when made up into an art journal.

The spots below are the reverse of the red spot paper..........
Sometimes the back looks better than the front

Always have your work surface covered with scrap paper ............ this piece usually turns out the best.......................
And it will wash off your hands.........eventually!
Hope you like this


  1. Sounds like something I need !
    fab papers

  2. Fab stuff, that Brusho but so very concentrated too. Loving your papers !

  3. I love your Blog and things on show !
    We have a craft DT call and you would be ideal x All youneed to do is apply with some of your work. Check out for more info . Time runs out Friday though !


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