Friday, 7 December 2012

Purple Onion...

Have some new stamps...a cute bird and a lovely heart banner..
The following instructions are just for getting you started, for making a base to which you can add any other bits and pieces...for example, rub-ons, gems, further collage items, glitter and any stamped images you like.

Paint your canvas with a layer of gesso.Take any mask and a credit card... scrape a layer of gesso over the mask, let it dry.

take a piece of paper from a book and glue at the top, wipe or brush some colour onto the paper and the textured bottom.Wipe another colour around the edges.

Cut out and add the house, stamp, colour and cut out the bird and the banner.

Use a piece of florists wire as the banner string, poke the ends through the canvas, use foam pads to stick on the hearts, stitch through the hearts and over the wire to hang the hearts.

add words of your choice.....
Everything you need (except the canvas) can be found here....


  1. Great tutorial and gorgeous canvas thanks for sharing

  2. You make it look so easy but the final result is fabulous. Thanks for all the great tips in your tutorial.

  3. So cute but I can't find the stamps in the shop:0( x

  4. sorry Kirsti there on there now in the rubber stamp section xx


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