Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Julie: Using the Collections Elements Creative Folder

Hello again.

Today I'm sharing a few photos which show how I turned this blank kraft 'Creative Folder' by Collections Elements:
Into this decorative album for my recipe card art journal:

 Step 1:  I used a sponge to wipe a light, uneven, coating of gesso across the folder and left it to dry:

 Step 2: Next I dabbed various acrylic paints, in shades of cream and pink, through the 'Sequin Waste' Mask from Tando Creative:
 Step 3:  I flicked spray ink randomly across the whole thing:
Step 4: I wanted the finished item to appear like a book with a rigid spine, so I ran washi tape down the inside and outside of the spine to strengthen it:  
Step 5: I then stitched around the tape on my sewing machine:
 Step 6 + 7: I ran lines of stitching around the front, back of the folder, then punched 2 holes along each of the inner tabs to thread ribbon through as a closure for the finished folder:
And here's the finished result from the outside where my titling was layered on to 2 large tickets from Collections Elements:
And from  the inside:
As you can see my recipe card journal 'pages' fit perfectly snugly tucked inside the pouches at the bottom which are fixed in place with strong double sided tape [the line of stitching was done before sticking it down and is for decorative purposes only].
Those cards are 4"x6" and so this would make a great folder for storing photos or giving some as a gift and it's just the right size for storing postcards too. [Ideal if you've been taking part in a postcard swap!]
The Creative Folders come in a pack of 2 for £4.25 and are available in kraft or white.
If you'd like to see more images of the finished folder you can find them here and you can see my finished recipe card pages here.
Thanks for dropping by today, I hope it's given you an idea of how you could get creative with the Creative Folders!


  1. Great idea, Julie - had not thought there'd be folders with pockets deep enough to take more than a card or two. :)

  2. I love this - practical, arty and simple.

  3. I love your journal, I love that it holds cards! Thank you for stopping by, glad I could help with the flower bouquet!



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