Monday, 3 October 2011

Sitting Ducks!

Just how cute are these little ducks?.....they reminded me of the ones you see in fairgrounds so it seemed only fitting to make a shooting ducks were harmed in the process!

Take one household matchbox and cut the cover in half...cover with patterned paper, Studio2Mers

Cut a roof shape,make a shelf and stamp a curly border...Lost Coast. stick to the shelf.

Stamp and cut out your ducks and glue to the shelf and then slide into the half cover.Decorate your roof and stick to the top.

Add the words.. from Collection Elements
The feet are small cotton reels.

If you would like this little bit of nonsense then leave a comment saying so and a name will be chosen at random.




  1. Fab little ducky box !! Love it !!

  2. Fab piece of nonsense, I love it and can give it a good home LOL. Love the little ducks. Tracy x

  3. That is so sweet and well thought out and I would love it. Thank you for the chance

  4. I absolutely adore imaginative and I love a bit of whimsy.

  5. Fantastic creation. What fun. We love ducks at our house!


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