Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bird houses

It's time for my third piece as guest designer......a little later than it should be but hopefully better late than never!
I took one of the Collections Elements small boxes and covered it with Collections Elements Antiquing Tissue

Next I took a some of the Collections Elements tiny houses and covered the fronts with scraps of the Studio2Mers papers and the backs with more antiquing tissue trapping thin flat sticks (coffee stirrers from places like Starbucks!) underneath it.
Colour the tissue and the sticks with black ink.

The next step is to stamp The Octopode Factory birds onto card and colour them and then cut them out. Next attach them to more coffee stirrer sticks.
Cut slits into the lid of the box and push the sticks through them arranging the houses and birds at differing heights.

Finally run a line of glue around the edge of the box lid and tip over some vintage glass glitter, leave to dry and then tip off the excess. Add some glitter to the card circles that come with the box kit and then glue these to the top of some of the houses.


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