Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Julie: Micro Accordian book

Hi there.
I just wanted to drop by to share a project I've made which might be of interest if you have:
I covered the heart and the frame on the book cover with texture paste and then acrylic paints:
 I used a heat gun to dry it and to create a 'bubbling' effect with the paint:
 Here's the finished book:
 Being such a small size, it becomes a real feast for the eyes as you can see all its pages at once!
I just wanted to quickly show you this here - in case you've been wondering where to begin on yours ... but over on my own blog today I've posted a lot more photographs of it, with close-ups, if you'd like more detailed shots. 

Just click here to see the full project.
Right, I'll duck away now ... it's not really my turn to be here today!
See you soon enough ... [when it is my turn!]

Julie :-)

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic Julie, love your painted heart !!


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