Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Lots of "NEW" Collections Elements products have arrived but the most exciting product for me are the lovely tissue paper packs.

"Antiquing Tissue". Comes in two styles, Victorian and Melange. The ease of applying it to odd shapes and "inside" areas of boxes and the like make tissue a really fun thing to use. This is a super strong tissue and the best part about it is you can colour it the way you want to. So you can "Antique" it with lots of things that you will already have at home or in your crafting cupboard.

As you can see from the sample above I have 'antiqued' the tissue in different shades of tea and added a touch of red colouring to the top piece. As you add a second and third piece, dilute your tea. Actually by wetting the tissue it makes it even stronger when dry, sounds weird but it actually does, so if you want the tissue white still wet it and allow to dry. You can colour it any shade to match your project using any number of re inkers, (water based ones) food colouring or you could add some misting power to get different tones on the one

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  1. Just got my Altering pack this morning- the tissues are especially lovely- just thinking what to do with it all now lol - any suggestions?


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