Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Julie: Scrapbooking 2014 ... with 52 Weeks of Photos

Hi there.
Are you a scrapbooker, or a scrapbook-curious crafter, looking for a fun way to document the coming new year? Then why not join us in the 52 Weeks of Photos challenge?
If you're a regular reader here you'll know that the 3DJean Design Team have been working their way through taking one of the 52 categories of photo from the list each week for several months now ... but you can still join us in using the list any time. And there's no better time like the start of a new year to pick up a new creative project!
Here's a month's worth of my photos which I've been scrapping in 4x6" pockets:
While I do take a fresh photo each week, I don't scrap them straight away; I save them up and scrap several at a time, usually when I go to my local crop. And the small format I've chosen means it really doesn't take that long to achieve a colourful and interesting re-cap of my year!
Here's a few close-ups to show you what I mean:
I've been using lots of the retro-style blank tickets from the shop as little journaling blocks [there's 60 for £1.00 so it's fine to use so many!] and I combine them with either handwriting or my faithful date-stamp:
And here I used a blue one beneath frame:
 ... to create a little layered embellishment in its own right:

So, what do you think? Does it sound like a manageable photo / scrapbooking project for 2014?
  • The list is just there to prompt you and you can take it in any order you like. [We're not going from 1 to 2 to 3 etc we're selecting each week which one we fancy! Some structure in a long project like this is useful ... but too much can be restrictive .... so we're just having fun!]
  • Scrapbooking the results on a small scale is a great, quick way to document the passage of time and also to really show off some of your favourite smaller supplies [like the blank tickets I've been using.]
You can always share your pages on your blog and link us up via the 3DJean Facebook page, or by leaving a blog comment.
I'm honestly really enjoying having the list to work from ... it's keeping me life-documenting through an otherwise scrapping-desert at the moment!! Maybe it's just what you need too!
Julie :-)


  1. I think it sounds like a wonderful, fun project -- I'm in! Thanks for posting and inviting!

  2. It's a brilliant idea Julie, I'm just not great at keeping up with stuff...I start then get bogged down with home stuff�� Have a great new year...xxx


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