Friday, 8 November 2013

Jan: Take three squares

Hi folks that time of year is fast approaching so I thought I'd share a quick and easy Christmas project that you can use to decorate your home (or if you're really short of time an original handmade gift). 
 Cut 3 squares  of paper a quality weight, the sort you'll find in the shop.Your square can be any size, mine are 15cms.
Now fold in half diagnally to form 3 triangles
 Open the squares out and glue. Start by matching at a point working round until all three squares are attached.

 If you are using the same coloured card then it doesn't matter which order you stick. But if like me you use three different papers then make sure that you get each side different. Not sure what I mean? You will once you start!

Now you have your tree. Decorate as you please but bear in mind that your embellishments need to be light.

I have created a huge rosette from some of the paper and mounted a stamped image. Sorry this was last year's stock but Jean has some lovely Christmas stamps in at the moment. It wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of bling and my all time favourite Christmas border stamp.
Here's one done in the Lily Bee Jingle papers. 

As I said quick and easy. If you make one of these please leave a link so we can have a peek.

ps if you want to see this on a MUCH bigger scale check out my blog.

Today I've used Lily Bee Jingle papers, Purple Onion Holiday Borders stamps, Diamante faux mesh. 

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