Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Julie: Using 'Artists Colours' cardstock to make a mini-album

 Hello again.
Today I thought I'd try to show you something that's a little tricky to convey online, something which might not come across in the product image on the website ... and that's: the quality of the 'Artists Colours' 12x12 recycled cardstock available in the 3DJean shop.
Currently available in 8 colours it has a very similar texture/finish to kraft card, but in colour rather than the natural buff shade. And for my project today I chose the 'French Mustard' option:
For some reason this shade puts me in mind of school exercise books and has a nice nostalgic feel to it! And, while it is  definitely a mustard-y shade - I find it almost as versatile as a 'neutral'.
 And by cutting down two sheets of the 12x12 I created the covers for this mini-album:
[p.s: you can find the lovely bright blue 'sunburst' design patterned paper I've used on the cover here]
Now, here's where I need to find a way to show you just how suitable this heavyweight card is for album covers!
Here's a close-up of the card edge-on - I think you should just be able to see how thick it is form this:
Another bonus is that it doesn't bend or buckle - which will come in useful as my album fills-up.
And here's a shot from above, showing how the album can stand up alone as the covers are that strong:
It really is a useful weight of card to have on the shelf for future projects [I've got a new album project in mind and am going to treat myself to the 'French Navy' colour-way for that one] and here's a few more ideas which may help you judge the kind of card it is ....
It's not the kind of card I'd use for:
  • scrapbook pages or card making - it's far too thick for this
  • die-cutting - unless I was using the Bigz style heavyweight dies in which case it would be perfect!!
But it's amazing for:
  • album covers
  • 3d constructions/ boxes / shrines /
  • a base for wall-art / collage / mixed media work
... really, it's ideal for projects where you might usually turn to chipboard except it's:
  • much more colourful;
  • much smoother and
  • more dense than a lot of chipboard [it doesn't get that 'fluffy' edge chipboard tend to get when you cut some chipboards].
I hope I've managed to convey something of the quality and versatility of this fab 12x12 recycled cardstock - it was the next best thing to some sort of futuristic 'touch-o-vision' I could manage for you!
You're welcome to share anything you've made with this card or indeed ANY product you've ordered from Jean on the 3DJean Facebook page .
Until next time - have a great June.
Julie :-) 


  1. I love this album Julie and that cardstock looks perfect for covers

  2. Great album Julie and what a great product. I can think of several projects recently where this would've been perfect.


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