Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Julie: **New In** - and end to chasing embellishments around!

Hello again.
Do you use:
  • small embellishments in your crafting?
  • such as beads, buttons and brads?
  • does trying to pick a single, particular, one out out of its container drive you insane?
Me too!
Which is why I've been enjoying using this:
Aside from having a fab name 'Embellie Gellie' is also really useful addition to your crafting tool kit.
The gel is a squidgy, tacky, substance, presented inside its own box [above] which you can use to easily pick up fiddly embellishments etc. You only need a small amount of it pressed on to the end of the stick provided and you're away.
This last week I put it to good use picking out the exact colour of tiny buttons I needed from a jar filled with all kinds of colours:
I also used it to winkle out the specific colour of brad I wanted ... after almost getting my fingers stuck in the jar [and very nearly throwing the jar across the room in frustration!].

But, for a less hysterical description of Embellie Gellie ... here's how the manufacturer, Scraperfect, describes it:

The quick pick-up tool for placing small embellishments:
Use a pearl-sized ball of Embellie Gellie on the wooden wand. So fast and E-Z!
  • Pick up and precisely place small embellishments including gems & jewels, buttons, beads, sequins, charms, punched shapes, confetti and more
  • Perfect tackiness means it’s strong enough to pick up charms, yet releases diecut letters with ease
  • Better than tweezers! Easier to pickup flat items and will not mar, bend or “pop” embellishments
  • Stable material does not dry out, soften or harden with time or temperature
  • Environmentally-friendly minimal design and packaging contains a long-lasting supply of Gellie
But if you need a little more persuading ... I can honestly report that while it might sound fairly girlie [and yes, it does come in a pink glittery box!] ... it's also really useful for plenty of fiddly men-friendly hobbies too.
My other half has already pinched some from me to use in his scale-aeroplane modelling [where he has to pick up and glue together some very tiny parts!] and is equally as impressed by it as I am!
Embellie Gellie's part of the new range of practical supplies from Scraperfect which is now in stock in the 3DJean shop where some of the other items include the Best Glue Ever and the Best Cleaner Ever. [Those are the actual product names!]
See you again soon.

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