Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Julie: Scrapbooking with speech bubbles

Hello again.

When you buy the 'Party Puffin' stamp from Alice Palace Designs then the Party Puffin him/herself comes like this, complete with speech bubble attached:

Party Puffin rubber stamp by Alice Palace

And yet, as cute as this is ... I reeeeallllly like speech bubbles and wanted to be able to use it independently of the bird image and so ...

... with the aid of a sharp pair of craft scissors I carefully separated the two making both stamps just that bit more versatile than before.  
And here's how I've put the newly freed speech bubble to use, on this scrapbook page:
For this page I stamped 3 of the bubbles on to various patterned papers and dotted them around on 3D foam pads:
For future pages I'll definitely use the speech bubbles to ... wait for it .... add some speech! But here I thought it would be fun just to use them as mini frames:
... into which I stamped words and shapes [from my own stamp stash]:
So next time you spot a multi-part stamp design why not see if it's worth snipping one element free to get two for the price of one?

Thanks for dropping in today.



  1. Brilliant Julie...I've done that with stamps as the LO!
    Kirsti xx

  2. lol, I did it too, not used it yet though


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