Friday, 15 April 2011

All Stitched Up!

A no sew sewing project!... with these fab papers and chipboard shapes... The screen is simply three pieces of chipboard measuring 4x9.5 inches with the tops rounded.
Covered with this paper.....add some eyelets ( remember those!) to tie the panels together.

and a shed load of 'odd' bits and pieces.. the kind that there was never enough to do something with and you never threw out!

It's very satisfying when you can use up your 'bits'

... one vintage sewing project.

I don't think these papers will last long so go check out the shop as soon as!

PS.. there's some other fab chipboard bits from Collections Elements....I've got the bird houses so watch this space!

Hope you like this




  1. Fabulous piece, all the little trinkets add wonderful dimension. Tracy x

  2. I don't just like it... I LOVE IT x


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