Thursday, 18 November 2010

Julie: Purple Onion 'Antique Ledger' set.

Hi all.

I don't know about you, but I love to use office supplies in my crafty projects.

Give me a manila envelope, some graph paper and a few paperclips and I'm as happy as a pig in a stationary shop ... or something like that ... you know what I mean! And it's why I love this 'Anitque Ledger Background' stamp set by Purple Onion, which you can find in the 3DJean shop here:

While the lined background is ideal for journaling on to, it can also add a hint of office-y loveliness to plainer papers. Here, behind the photographs, I stamped its lines over a lightly patterned paper:

Included in the same set is a selection of really useful words and numbers that can be used as stand alone stamps - even without the lined ledger background.

Here I've used the 'Quantity' and individual number stamps to record how many crafting friends I went away with on a retreat recently:

And on each page I've used the 'Name' stamp to record exactly who those people were! Not that I'm likely to forget ... but it does add something to the page:

Finally I used the 'Date' and 'Description' stamps to add a few extra details to the back of my mini 'facebook': If after ogling the 'Antique Ledger' set you feel like indulging your own office-supply urges, you might also like ...

The Purple Onion 'Vintage PostMark Dates':
... or the more contemporary Purple Onion 'Date Me' set: ... and the Lost Coast Designs' 'Shopping List': All of which will come in useful for festive projects this season too!

Remember you're welcome to give us all a prod whenever you use a product you bought from 3DJean, that way we can hop over to your place and 'ooooh' and 'aaaaaahh' over your work. And we like doing that ... in fact the whole Scattered Scarlet design team spent the whole weekend doing just that with each other ... and I have my little book above to record it!

Right then, you get crafting and I'll see you very soon.


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