Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Julie: What do you get if you cross art-journaling with scrapbooking?

Hi all.

So what do you get if you cross art-journalling with scrapbooking? Art-booking? Scrap-journalling? Well, watever you want to call it, I've been doing some of it ... and mine looks like this:

I suppose it's looser in style than regular scrapbooking and uses lots of paint and spray inks ... like a lot of art-journalling at the moment, but the inclusion of a photograph somehow keeps that scrapping element alive.

To start, I covered my page with various scraps of paper in various shades of pink, grey and brown.

Then, to tie them together I dry-brushed some areas with gesso and swept over others with Shimmerz Pearlz in 'Grey Flannel' .

'Grey Flannel' is one of my favourite colours of Shimmerz paints because, while it adds a soft, sheen to the surface it's also a very useable neutral shade which you can use over large expanses.

I love working in this style as it's so freeing and messy and my pages in this style seem to only benefit from the addition of more and more layers and additional details ... which is a lot of fun!

To draw the focus of my busy page to the photo, I framed it with lots of interesting and shiny bits and pieces [I think I must be part magpie!]. Which included Dew Drops gems in 'Hyacinth' and some lovely pink German Scrap: The same Artchix 'German Scrap' was used to frame two lovely ladies from an Artchix Image sheet which were the nearest lookalikes to me and HannahBanana I could find! And which of my projects lately could be considered complete without the addition of my current favourite stamp? Here's a touch of the very fabulous Lost Coast Designs 'Skulls' border:

[The border is currently out of stock ... sorry. And no ... I didn't buy them all up!].

Here I stamped the border again down my journaling block, then painted it out with my Shimmerz Pearlz for a more subtle effect and one which I could write over: So, that's the end of my scrap-journaling for the day. I hope I've given you an idea or two to try, whether you're an art-journaler, scrapbooker or none of the above.

I'll be sharing more of my messy / scrappy / journallesque pages on my own blog later this week, so if you're passing ... drop in and say 'hello'.

See you soon.

Julie :-)


  1. This looks fabulous Julie. Definitely on my list of techniques to try.

  2. ooo that is lovely, worth the effort :) a great page

  3. Hello, Love this style so. I art journaldaily and would love to start to add this style also. Is there any more info on how to do this? What style is this and are there any blogs online classestolearn more on this.? Or doyou have information here? Thank you so your work is wonderful and can not wait to here more,


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